Carrot Hair

Jules Renard
Illustrations by Gabriela Rubio.
Translation by Álvaro Abós
ISBN: 84-930221-2-8
208 pages
PVP: 15'03 euro

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This book received the the Spanish Ministry of Culture's 1st Prize for Best Children's Book, for 1999.


Pelo de zanahoria

pelo de zanahoria

pelo de zanahoria




pelo de zanahoria

Poil de Carotte is without a doubt the best known work by French author Jules Renard (1864 -1910). Renard's meticulous use of language comes full of beautiful images and helps him to portray the worst years in the life of the boy known as Carrot Hair. The author relives his own childhood, which was hard and full of humiliations, and tells what those years were like in the country, with a mother who did not love him, a father who practically ignored him and siblings who did not understand him and made of him the constant butt of their jokes. The boy will discover the materials that make up the world; but the world will also know, once and for all, what Carrot Hair is really made of.

Gabriela Rubio, has produced twenty two-page illustrations outside the text that open the way for another approach to the story. They do not interfere with the reading and amount to a theatrical staging of the novel.
If a stranger glances through the Lepics' photo album, he will surely be amazed. He will see Ernestine, the sister, and Felix, the older brother, in different ways, standing, sitting, well-dressed or less so, happy or angry, in the midst of rich settings.
—What about Carrot Hair?
—I used to have some pictures of him when he was a baby —replies Mrs. Lepic— but he was so beautiful that people would take the pictures right out of my hands and I wasn't able to save a single one.
The truth is they never did take any pictures of Carrot Hair.

(Jules Renard)


Jules Renard
Gabriela Rubio