Noses, Little Owls, Volcanoes and Other Illustrated Poems

Various Authors
Illustrations by Carlos Ortin
ISBN: 84-930221-1-X
104 pages
PVP: 18 euro

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Carlos Ortin was awarded the Spanish Ministry of Culture's 2nd National Prize for Illustration in a Children's Book for 1999.

Narices, buhitos,












From the minute they are born, poems aspire to independence from their authors and a life of their own. To make them yours, it is enough to recall them or set them on a new page in your own hand.

These, which we found on the street and kept as pets, had once run away from their authors: Francisco de Quevedo, Antonio Fernández Molina, Jean Arp, Gloria Fuertes, Jacques Prévert, Isabel Escudero, Blaise Cendrars, Francis Picabia, Bernardo Atxaga, Manolito el Pollero, Gabriela Mistral, Vicent Andrés Estellés, Baldomero Fernández Moreno, Pere Quart, Cecilia, Heinrich Heine, Joan Brossa, Carmen Santonja, Oliverio Girondo, Angel González, Rafael Alberti among others. Following the Publisher's whim, the illustrator has made beautiful carnival costumes for each.
Carlos Ortin